North Jersey Media Group offers a variety of products and services from our archives. From our daily newspapers to our monthly magazines, find the products or services that you want from the list below. For a list of all our publications, click here.


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A PDF is a digital page file in Adobe PDF format.

To obtain a digital version of any page in PDF format you will need to submit a license request that details how you plan to reproduce the image. Please specify if intended use is for personal, editorial or commercial reproduction. For more information on personal use, please click here.

All PDFs are $99 plus the licensing fee. To order online, simply click on the “Request License” icon located immediately above the image. You can also email us at

PDFs and images are sold for personal use only. [Read details about non-personal use.].

The Record from March 2006 to present

Herald News from March 2006 to present

Community Newspapers from December 1999 to present

The Record Sports Magazine from March 2007 to December 2008.

(201) and our other magazines from December 2003 to present


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A back issue is a complete, physical copy of the publication.

To order a back issue of The Record, Herald News, or (201) Magazine, visit Pricing and availablilty is provided on the site.

Back issues of our Community Newspapers are not available at this time. Please consider our PDF request option above.

For more information, please call a customer care representative at 1-855-385-7467.